Aweber Email list

Generate Lead to an Aweber List using Php

This post will show you how to add Customers/Email or Generate Leads in any Aweber list using php api.

Aweber provide APIs to perform various functionalities without visiting their website or without putting their code everywhere.

You can customize their functionalities according to your need using their APIs.

This post assumes that you have Information like Account Id, Access Token, Access Secret and the List ID provided by Aweber.

If you don’t have these information, please Click Here to visit our post to get all these information.

Follow below steps to Add Users in your Aweber List using Php –

Step 1:

First you need to download Library of the Aweber Autoresponder.

Click Here to download the library.

Extract the file and save it in a separate folder

Step 2:

We are all done. If you get the success message and the email will be added into your list for further proceedings.